Fragile and Fugitive States of Being

Thursday 25th February 2015 

"To me, presenting these artworks to the public allows me to examine what it means to be human by questioning faith, reason, purpose, permanence, uncertainty and futility."

My solo show, Fragile and Fugitive States of Being opened at the Sunburst Gallery, Ards Arts Centre, Newtownards on 26th February 2016. These new works feature flameworked glass and mixed media sculpture that draw upon nature, to examine forms and qualities which can be associated with aspects of the human condition.


Artist statement

The practise of Flameworking (also known as lampworking) is a technique that has been historically associated with the creation of laboratory apparatus and has only recently begun to be explored for it’s artistic potential. It involves the creation of works in glass by means of a small but extremely hot bench-mounted torch, fueled by a mixture of oxygen and propane. It is a process that allows a great degree of fine detail.

My process usually starts with manipulating glass, to create forms that have been inspired by something I have seen or found in the natural world. This then becomes a point of departure. The initial inquiry for this body of work was informed by structures found in the natural word that parallel those found in the human body. Whilst working through this theme, solely for the purpose ofcreatingpieces for this show, I became more focused on the transitory nature of doing, being and existing and I began considering ideas about the temporary and short lived experience.

All of the pieces in this show I have laboured to create and have cared about. Due to the nature of their creation they have taken a unqualified effort to transfer to the gallery. The work has been deliberately presented in a way that honestly exposes their exquisite fragility, the consequence of this leaves them vulnerable and subject to the environment in which they have been placed for this limited period of time.

The piece titled Of No Use was created only to exist for this show and will have no further lifebeyond this exhibition.


For further images of the show go to the gallery page of this website and view  Fragile and Fugitive States of Being .